is method=post secure?

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Thread: is method=post secure?

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    I use database driven logins in my asp site. The form uses method=post. How easy/difficult is it for someone to intercept usernames and passwords using this login method? Thanks.

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    Un-less you are using a 128 ssl encription all the packet sent over the internet have the imple tcp/pi encoding. so any one who gets hold of the pakets by use of a packet sniffing programe can see what is being sent. Saying this it depends on what you have writen. The message might read user=ams pw = 123 request checklogin.asp which they will figure out what it means. if yuo call your values hjb=ams yb=213 this is less likely but can be confusuing when coding. I would recoment using the post method along with a cookie with no life so is deleted from the sysetm when the use closes the broswer. this will give you an extra level of protection.

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