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    Shane Guest

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    In relation to sending form results via e-mail, im having problems. Using the script available on this site, my mail is just not sending. I'm getting no error msg's so its kinda hard for me to work with. Anyone that has experienced similar problems please help, cheers ;)

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    Al Bear Guest

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    Whats the error message??

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    Shane Guest

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    thats the thing, im not getting any...

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    Al Bear Guest

    Default show script please

    can you shopw me the script, I might be able to figgure out whats going on.

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    Ramakrishna Guest

    Default CDONTS

    hi<BR><BR>-&#062; CDONTS works only in Windows NT 4.0 or higher.<BR>-&#062; check whether the mail sent is available in the mailroot directory -&#062; normally the path is inetpub/mailroot/<BR><BR> check in the badmail directory, if it exists then it is the problem with the SMTP server. <BR><BR>-&#062; For using SMTP the system should be directly connected to the intenet, and it should have the IIS server.<BR><BR>if u have any further queries can mail me at <BR><BR><BR>cheers<BR><BR><B R>

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