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    Steven Ai Guest

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    I have a login page on my site (login and password protection)<BR>I&#039;d like to prevent multiple visitors from entering with the same login at<BR>the same time (one session at one time).<BR>

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    Are you using a database behind any of your pages?<BR>If so, then have a logged-in user table, which keeps a track of who is logged in, and then stop anyone using a user-id that is already in use<BR>Of course, you then have the problem of detecting when they have logged, unless you can train them to always log out. There are plenty of articles around on the best compromises how to do this.

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    Steven Ai Guest

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    I using the database behind my page. The problem is how to detecting the user is log out. If i using the session_onend to track the logout user, then i had the problem b&#039;cos i know that the session_onend is not very reliable, sometime is fire but sometime it not.

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    sumedh Guest

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    try using a cookie....<BR>set a cookie with the user&#039;s ID when he/she logs-in....<BR>that way, in case of another log-in by the same user, u can check this cookie.....<BR><BR>when the user logs-out, reset the cookie to &#039;NULL&#039;.....<BR>u could also have a &#039;yes/no&#039; field type in an Access database which u can set to True (-1) when the person logs-in...<BR><BR>-chow

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