Error Type: (0x800401F9) Error in the DLL

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Thread: Error Type: (0x800401F9) Error in the DLL

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    Default Error Type: (0x800401F9) Error in the DLL

    Hi<BR><BR>I am trying to connect to an access 2000 database. I have tried using both a DSN and DSNless connection but I keep getting the error:<BR>"Error Type: (0x800401F9) Error in the DLL "<BR>I have reinstalled both IIS and Windows 2000 Server, but ther error still persists. this error arises on the line on which I try to connect to the database. The same code works on other machines which have the same configuration.<BR>Please advice.<BR>Regards<BR>Munish Jauhar

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    Default Probably the Access DLL...

    ...or the Jet DLL, one of the two.<BR><BR>I doubt seriously that it is IIS or the Windows Server. Almost surely simply the ODBC driver or the actual database DLL.<BR><BR>

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