Hi.. I have seen a few people posting questions about the error:<BR>The root transaction wanted to commit, but transaction aborted (-2147164158)<BR><BR>This is what I came here looking for a solution for but to no luck. Thinking about the problem more, and its intermittent nature I determined it must have something to do with timeouts. My ado connections have their timeouts set to 10 mins and if any of them failed, I&#039;d get an error message anyway so that wasn&#039;t the problem. Searching for "transaction timeout" on msdn brought up a couple of documents about transaction timeouts on MTS/Com+. <BR><BR>AHA! Checking the default value of transactions for my computer (under options tab of my computer properties in Com+ admin) I see its set to 60 seconds. I have now increased it to 600. <BR><BR>I dont know if it&#039;ll work yet as the problem only happens occasionally but I thought I&#039;d post the suggestion here anyway. If it is the answer then maybe microsoft should change the error message to indicated that the transaction timed out rather than it was aborted!<BR><BR>John<BR>