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    I manage an application with a complex of information to be searched and accessed.<BR><BR>Essentially it is a hierarchical (sp?) index of page categories and subgategories. The theoretical depth is infinite although in practice it is rarely more than 5 - 7 layers deep.<BR><BR>Obviously the recursive join is quite complex. I&#039;ve got the query running fine. But it is a bit of a processor hog.<BR><BR>As the catalog does not change frequently I could easily be cached. Can I cache recordset object returned by the query into the application object, or do I need to convert it some other data object such as a set of arrays?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Easy, by converting it with GetRows

    You *could* use the RecordSet.Save method to convert it to XML text and the put that into an Application variable value, but if you have ever used GetRows you know how good its performance is. <BR><BR>So just convert the RecordSet to an array in one single method call and presto! You are ready to roll.<BR><BR>

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