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Thread: Keep getting 'Save As' box when opening

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    Lui Vampa Guest

    Default Keep getting 'Save As' box when opening

    I have been working through Sams ASP in 21 days. I am currently running win2k Server.<BR><BR>When I first started i was calling local asp pages just fine via my browser. Unfortunately this has now changed and I get a &#039;Save As&#039; window opening up whenever i try to run an asp page.<BR><BR>I am not sure what has happened or changed. However I should mention that this change has occured since I have only just recently installed Norton Anti Virus 2001. I fear maybe Norton has changed something.<BR><BR>Can someone inform me how I might rectify this problem??<BR><BR>I have tried to install IIS from scratch again and still same problem.<BR><BR>Many Thanks<BR>Lui Vampa

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    Smith Guest

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    I have basically the same problem (see msg thread below on Local Personal Web Server problem), but I am not using IIS. I get "Save As" windows for local ASP files but remote ones work fine. I can only tell you that my machine does not have Norton software on it, so I would be surprised if that was your problem. I do run McAffee VirusScan; so perhaps there is something in these packages as a "bonus" feature... Certainly worth checking out. If I find something out I will let you know.

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    Smith Guest

    Default See if this helps you

    I finally got local ASP pages to load. This solved my problem:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Note: This article describes 2 solutions: Getting the ASP engine from a Frontpage 98 CD or getting the file from a Microsoft download site. However, the file needed was no longer available for download. Luckily I had the CD. Hopefully you do too and it is the same fix you need. Good luck.

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