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    Jeanine Scott Guest

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    I know how to retrieve the value from a combo box. How can I retrieve the TEXT from the combo box?<BR><BR>&#060;option value=1&#062;New York&#060;/option&#062;<BR>&#060;option value=2&#062;California&#060;/option&#062;<BR><BR>Assuming in the example above, New York and California are selected - I want to retrieve New York and California - not 1 and 2.<BR><BR>There must be an easy way to do this server side????<BR><BR>Thanks for anyone&#039;s help! I&#039;ve looked all over!

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    Do you mean this:<BR>&#060;option value="New York"&#062;New York&#060;/option&#062; <BR>&#060;option value="California"&#062;California&#060;/option&#062; <BR><BR>

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    Jeanine Scott Guest

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    Thanks for the reply, Greg. Actually I need both values. I need to use the 1 or 2 for updating purposes (it&#039;s the table key). I want to use the other value for display purposes - I know I could do this the hard way...session variable - java script or go back to the db and requery for just the items they had selected...but there has got to be something like the <BR><BR>For Each Entry in lstSelected (which returns the 1 or 2) way of getting the value.<BR>

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