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    Hallo<BR>I am doing a site search but i have ran into problems.<BR>I will very gratefull if you can assist me with some ASP codes which carries out multiple search and provides ranked ordered paging through the results.<BR>

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    You show no code, you don&#039;t describe the algorithm you are using, and you don&#039;t even say what product (if any) you are using. My crystal ball isn&#039;t working so hot today.<BR><BR>Okay, sorry for the sarcasm. But try asking again, providing *details* of what you have attempted so far and of what doesn&#039;t seem to be working.<BR><BR>I might warn you that "relevance rankings" from anything but a "full text" database system are *hard* to do...even getting *any* number is tedious, slow, and a lot of coding. Getting *good* numbers is even harder.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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