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    i have difficulties with making a page with 3 listboxes wich<BR>are relating to each other. I found examples with 2 listboxes , but none with 3 or higher<BR><BR>what i want to make is a listbox with families<BR>a second one filled with parents relating to the selected brand and a third wich is filled with children.<BR><BR>i could not find anything with three listboxes , i found with<BR>2 , but i&#039;am<BR>getting stuck on it , do you have some clues for me (links or code)<BR><BR>many thanks<BR><BR>Djurre van Kouwen<BR><BR>table descriptions<BR><BR>table Families<BR><BR>FamilyID<BR>FamilyDesc<BR><BR>Tabl e Parents<BR><BR>ParentID<BR>ParentDesc<BR>FamilyID< BR><BR>Table Children<BR><BR>ChildID<BR>ChildDesc<BR>ParentID<B R>FamilyID<BR><BR>

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    When user came to the page 1st box populated,then user make selection and onClick function(javascript) submit your form 2d box populated, and when user make selection in 2d box, onClick function submit your form again and fill 3d box.<BR>Before 2d box you need to check if 1st box != "" then open recordset check "If (not RS.BOF)and(not RS.EOF)..."and make Do ...Loop and populate 2d box by the query with the value you got from 1st box.Before the 3d box you need to check if 1st box != "" and 2d box != "" then open recordset and populate 3d box with Do... loop.<BR>So if user didn&#039;t make selection (2d and 3d )boxes will be empty because your queries didn&#039;t get values and your recordset will be .<BR>...<BR>

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