I redesigned my access2000 db and Im having trouble getting my select statement to work. I changed the db o that it no longer had redundant data, but the joins are more complicated now. Heres what I have:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCTROW [TeamNames].[TeamID], [TeamNames].[TeamName], [TeamNames].[SeasonID], [TeamNames].[DivisionID], First([TeamMatches].[MatchID]) AS [First Of MatchID], First([TeamMatches].[TeamWinnerID]) AS [First Of TeamWinnerID], Sum([TeamMatches].[Wins]) AS [Sum Of Wins], Sum([TeamMatches].[Loss]) AS [Sum Of Loss], First([TeamMatches].[TeamLoserID]) AS [First Of TeamLoserID], First([TeamMatches].[MatchDate]) AS [First Of MatchDate], First([TeamMatches].[SeasonID]) AS [First Of TeamMatches_SeasonID]<BR>FROM (TeamNames INNER JOIN TeamMatches ON [TeamNames].[TeamID]=[TeamMatches].[TeamWinnerID]) INNER JOIN TeamNames AS TeamNames_1 ON [TeamMatches].[TeamLoserID]=TeamNames_1.TeamID<BR>GROUP BY [TeamNames].[TeamID], [TeamNames].[TeamName], [TeamNames].[SeasonID], [TeamNames].[DivisionID];<BR><BR>As you can see, Im trying to extract the winning team name and sum of wins and losses, AND the losing team name and wins and losses. This works if the team happened to be the winner, but if the team was the loser, the wins and losses are not included. The statement needs to sum the win and losses when a team was declared the winner OR the loser, not just the winner. Any help?<BR>