Hello,<BR><BR>I am running ASP3, IIS5 (Win2k Server) and have created a generic error handling routine. Unfortunately when I call Server.GetLastError() the properties of objError always result in:<BR><BR>ASP Code: <BR>Number: 0<BR>Source: <BR>Category: <BR>File: <BR>Line: 0<BR>Column: -1<BR>Description: <BR>ASP Description: <BR><BR>No matter what the error is. Can anyone offer an explanation for this? <BR><BR>I am also interested in why Interdev doesnt offer intellisense help for the new methods avalible in IIS 5? For example it doesnt includce Server.GetLastMethod(), Server.Transfer(), or Server.Execute(). The methods work, they are just not avalilbe with Interdevs intellisense. Any solutions??