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    Doug,<BR> I found some probs with your site, <BR><BR>a couple of java script errors and the age old problem with using single quotes for inserting into the database.<BR><BR>here is a function for the sgl quote issue:<BR><BR>Function SQLEncode(sValue)<BR> Position = InStr(sValue, "&#039;")<BR> Do While Position &#062; 0<BR> sValue = Mid(sValue, 1, Position) & Mid(sValue, Position)<BR> Position = InStr(Position + 2, sValue, "&#039;")<BR> Loop<BR> SQLEncode = sValue<BR>End Function<BR><BR><BR>Also post your email address and I will continue this off line<BR><BR>mj<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: DOUG, Are you still there? for today. Please let me know what pages and fileds you encountered these errors on. I was told these were corrected last week. We use the replace function but thanks for the code.

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