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    hi<BR>I have a question. i want to read datafrom a excel work sheet which is in the browser window and trasfer all the data in that sheet to a Access database. How it is possible. pl. help me<BR><BR>reddy

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    Default Not really an ASP problem...

    Getting data from a component invoked in the browser involves figuring out how to use CLIENT-side scripting to invoke that browser-side component.<BR><BR>If Excel wasn&#039;t invoked as a component, per se--if it was just "dropped" into the browser automatically because of the filetype--then I&#039;m not even sure it is possible. <BR><BR>But, in any case, you need to find an MSIE guru, not an ASP guru, to answer this one. You might have more luck on the Microsoft-sponsored newsgroups than you will here.<BR><BR>I might note that, of course, this will never work "cross browser." You will be stuck with an MSIE-only solution.<BR><BR>

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