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    Greetings I&#039;m making a stored procedure. <BR><BR>I noticed that you can pass variables to the stored procedure like this. <BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE spPost (@ReplyToID int, @Subject char(20) ) AS<BR><BR>Can you also pass nvarchar(800) parameters to the sp<BR>Can you also pass bit , through the sp in this way like this <BR><BR> <BR>CREATE PROCEDURE spPost (@ReplyToID bit, @Subject nvarchar(800) ) AS<BR><BR>Is there a maximum number of parameters that can be passed to the stored procs ? <BR><BR>Thanks Stephen

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    I don&#039;t think there is a limit, I have seen some where 20+ params are passed to an SP, <BR><BR>the only way to find out is to push the limit<BR><BR>mj

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