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    How does one go about using Secure Socket layers - https:// in ASP programming. I am relatively new but I need to implement this soon.

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    you first have to create a server certificate request through iis and send it to verisign, or some other authority, they will then send you information on how to install it on your server.<BR><BR>From IIS, right click the default website, then choose properties, from there, choose directory security tab, towards the bottom of that screen there is an area for secure communication. click the button, and it will launch a wizard that you can use for generating the certificate request.<BR><BR>mj

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    SSL has nothing to do with ASP.<BR><BR>Open your key manager in the IIS MMC (control console), follow the bouncing ball to create a new certificate request. Submit that to Verisign or Thawte (now both owned by the same entity) along with your check for $150 to $700 (depending on the type of certificate you want) and follow their instructions (you may have to jump through hoops to prove that you are a valid business located in the United States and that you have full legal rights to the domain for which you are submitting the request). When you receive the certificate, install it on the server using the key manager again. Then, simply preface your URL with HTTPS: instead of HTTP: to get the secure connection.<BR><BR>For more detailed info, visit

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