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    can one join many (more than 4) tables together using (join... on) to achieve the appearance of an unnormalised table?<BR>For ex, i have a table that stores bug info but the owner id, the severity id, priority id, and the category id are just numbers I want to join the tables(bug, Sev, Pri, Cat and Owner) so my results will include the owners name and the severity, priority level etc? I run into problems if i try to join more than two tables?<BR>i am writing the select statemnet in an asp page that connects to an access db.<BR>Thank you

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    ...but I suppose that Access might start bogging down if you got *too* many. I know I have created 3 and 4 table joins with no problems noticed. I don&#039;t think I&#039;ve ever used more than 4, though. Just because if data gets that complex, then I tend to rethink the problem.<BR><BR>

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    In SQL Server you can join up to 16 tables,don&#039;t know about Access,but of cause it should be less than in sql...

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