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    Is it possible to access oracle views and cycle through their records using a recordsetobject in the same way as you access a table??<BR>Can any one help?<BR>Thanks

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    Dunno about Oracle, but it&#039;s certainly possible with SQL Server. No different than accessing any table; you just have to use the right name for the view.<BR><BR>Since this is *actually* a question about SQL Syntax as practiced by Oracle, the best thing to do would be look in your Oracle reference manuals. ASP and ADODB have NO IDEA what SQL you are using...they pass it on to the database driver exactly as you give it to them. So if the DB understands the SQL and returns records...well, it&#039;s automatic.<BR><BR>But you need to get the SQL to work, of course. Use a query analyzer (from Oracle, one hopes) to test various SQL queries until you get one that works.<BR>

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