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    mark m Guest

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    I was told a user couldnt open my default web page which is asp Is there a compatibality problem with using netscape?

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    There isn&#039t a compatiblity issue with ASP and NetScape per se; ASP just spits out HTML. You could create an ASP site which could be read by Lynx users, heh.<BR><BR>Make sure you&#039re not using any *client-side* VB script, or other stuff which is IE specific. <BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>Mike

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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    To expound on what Mike has stated; <BR><BR>When creating the HTML that your ASP will ultimately spit out, you must ensure that it will work with all/or both browsers (depending on your audience). Each browser implements the HTML standard differently. Therefore, you will run across many things that may work in theory, but not in reality.

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