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    Default displaying commas in numbers

    Ok, i have my database, and numbers are put into the number field with no commas or spaces, etc. into a number type field.... now it HAS to remain a number type field because of certain circumstances, but i would like it so when i display the output of fields on a webpage that it may seperate the numbers with commas...<BR>i am working with numbers anywhere from 100 000 to 2 000 000<BR>so it would be nice if people would see:<BR>$100,000<BR>instead of:<BR>$100000<BR><BR><BR>any ideas of how to do this?

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    Default Read The Fundamental Manual!

    Click on the words "VBScript Reference" in the left hand pane of this page. Then, when the MS docs appear, click on the "Functions" item. In the list of functions, scroll down to "FormatCurrency" and "FormatNumber" to see how incredibly flexible VBScript really is.<BR><BR>

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