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    The following is procucing this error in Access 2000:<BR>"The Select statement includs a reserved word or an argument name that is misspelled or missing, or the punctuation is incorrect."<BR><BR>SELECT TeamNames.TeamID, TeamNames.TeamName, TeamMatches.MatchID, <BR>TeamMatches.TeamWinnerID, TeamMatches.TeamLoserID, TeamMatches.Wins, TeamMatches.Loss, <BR>TeamMatches.MatchDate, TeamNames_1.TeamName AS LosingTeamName, <BR>FROM ( TeamNames INNER JOIN TeamMatches <BR>ON TeamNames.TeamID = TeamMatches.TeamWinnerID ) INNER JOIN TeamNames AS TeamNames_1 <BR>ON TeamMatches.TeamLoserID = TeamNames_1.TeamID;<BR><BR>All of the field names are correct, and Ive checked my spelling. Is my syntax off? Im still a newbie at the INNER JOINS, but this looks like it should work to me.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Why are you using an alias for you table name in your select statement? <BR><BR>Also, since you are using A2K, go in to the query builder and try building your query there, you can create your joins by dragging lines between the 2 tables on the fields you want to join.<BR><BR>mj

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