My question is in two parts. First is what I am about to describe possible using ASP and second is there a good sample I can learn from.<BR><BR>I have created a login and password page connected to Access2000. I have clients who login to that page to review their tax and audit reports completed by my accounting firm. Once a client has login in they have a choice of sometimes a couple but up to eighty properties for which audits have been completed. (These audits are printed to an Adobe file and saved in a location on your companies server.)<BR>The firm has asked me to develop an ASP page that, based on login displays a companies properties in a dropdown menu. Based on the selection in the dropdown menu a page is displayed that shows the avaialable auidts for download. This page needs to reference the drive and directory of the server where the Adobe files have been stored.<BR><BR>Again, is this possible and is there any code that would help me learn the best way to accomplish this?<BR><BR>Thanks!