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    i was offered an asp/sql job and i start on wednesday, however i have been an NT admin for the last few months and i think that i am a little rusty in my coding.<BR><BR>can anyone think of something that i could build useing asp/xml/javascript/sql server.<BR><BR>even if it is something that you have to do, give me an idea and i&#039;ll give you the code when i am done

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    whenever i hit something I&#039;m rusty on or I&#039;m new to, I generally write something fun for the rest of the office to play with.recently I wrote an XML/JScript/ASP &#039;Flamewars&#039; app - whereby anyone in the office can send an anonymous flame to anyone else in the building. It&#039;s only accessible on a friday, as an extra feature, and it tracks who&#039;s using, but not what they sent or to who. <BR><BR>likewise, the victim can reply back with another. Just think of something fun to do and you get coding plus load testing (Flamewars got something like 1000+ page views in its first hour or so, the boss thought it was quite funnny)<BR><BR>just build whatever you feel like. I also trawl occassionally, check out article titles and write my own version, then check back with the article when it&#039;s finished. generally I prefer my own.......<BR><BR>j

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    Hi, excuse me butting in...<BR>But trawling through these messages boards is also a good Rust Remover - take a look at some of the questions posted and see if you can answer them -then take a look at other peoples answers (we&#039;re not always right but who is?) -give it a go - it&#039;s fun & educational.<BR><BR>Good luck

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