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    Default this function doesn't work

    in netscape:<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT Language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR><BR>function returnHref(image);<BR> {<BR> window.self.opener.item1.image_src.value = image;<BR> = "/automated/star_style/hair/" + image;<BR> window.self.opener.item1.saveflag1.src = "images/not_saved.gif";<BR> window.self.close();<BR> }<BR><BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>

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    Default Netscape (properly) insists on document...

    There might be other problems, but I&#039;d guess that at a minimum you need insert .document in there, such as in:<BR><BR>window.self.opener.document.item1.image _src.value = image;<BR><BR>Funny thing is, I think neither NS or MSIE need the "window.self" part of that, becuz I think they default to that when you use "opener". But not sure on that.<BR><BR>Now, when are you going to learn to spell "squeaky"? [major grin]<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: Netscape (properly) insists on document...

    thanks, bill.<BR><BR>you were right about the window.self part. It is superflous.

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