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Thread: multiply a string variable?

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    Default multiply a string variable?

    how do i write to repeat a char variable multipied by an int?<BR>ex:<BR><BR>dim space, nit<BR><BR>nit = 2<BR>space = "&nbsp;"&nbsp;"&nbsp;"<BR><BR>response.write space x 2<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default See VBScript manual

    Look at the list of functions available in VBS.<BR><BR>If all you want is spaces, just use the Space(n) function, which indeed generates n spaces.<BR><BR>If you want some other character repeated, use the String(n,theChar) function, which generates n occurrences of theChar.<BR><BR>If you need to repeat a *string* of characters, such as "abcabcabc...", then one easy way to do it would be to do<BR><BR>Replace( Space(n), " ", "abc" )<BR><BR>See it? You generate n spaces and then change each space to the needed string.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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