Parsing comma delineated strings?

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Thread: Parsing comma delineated strings?

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    Anyone know a clean way to parse a comma delinate string? I have a list of codes in a string separarted by commas. I want to create a new string where the codes are transformed into their descriptions which I stored in an array. So if the code is "1" then desc(1) would be moved into a string, thusly:<BR><BR>DESCstr = DESCstr & DESC(1) & ", "<BR><BR>Then it would read the next code in the string and continue until all codes have been read. They are all numbers corresponding to array positions. <BR><BR>A loop using InStr searching for each code seems like a bit much.

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    Default Use Split() <nm>


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    Default, FAQ # 94

    How can I convert a string into an array?<BR><BR><BR>Check it out, it holds the answer! :-)

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