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    If the SQL Database is on the same server as my WebSERVER all is fine when I use this code....<BR>strConnect="Provider=SQLOLEDB;Persist Security Info=false; " & _<BR> "User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=CSR;" & _<BR> "Initial File Name=D:MSSQL7DataCSR.mdf"<BR><BR>But when have to access a remote SQL DB after I&#039;ve moved the application it can&#039;t find the DB.<BR><BR>strConnect="DRIVER={SQL Server};" & _ <BR> "SERVER=RNSQL;DATABASE=csr;" & _ <BR> "UID=sa;PWD=;"

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    you need to specify the IPaddress or hostname of the remote server in your connection string - Dont use Initial File Name - point to the server where the SQL DB resides

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    Shelz Guest

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    So don&#039;t use this code...?<BR><BR>strConnect="DRIVER={SQL Server};" & _ <BR> "SERVER=RNSQL;DATABASE=csr;" & _ <BR> "UID=sa;PWD=;" <BR>

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    Check this out for pointers...<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/070699-1.shtml

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