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Thread: ASP with LISTSERVs?!

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    Bobbydole Guest

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    This is my problem, i started a new job in which we had to make a program which a user could go to a web page, fill in info about themself, (email, noah, phone) and if, for example, there was a bad storm and you didn&#039;t have to come into work you would receive an email. Easy enough, so i did that. Now they tell me that they want those people who sign up at our website to be automatically signed up on the listserv. now i don&#039;t know where to begin, any suggestions?<BR><BR>--bd--

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    If the ListServer uses its own database, copy the data over!

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    NecroSin Guest

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    Yeah just copy the Data to the other database and modify the ASP page.<BR>Make it so the ASP page adds the person to both databases when they fill out the form.

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