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    Hello Everyone,<BR> I am facing a big problem. I am relatively new to web development and I am facing a big challenge. On this project my carrier depends. I have to create a site similar to a directory (yellow pages site). I want to know how should I manage main categories and subcategories tables. I want to know how many SQL tables I have to create.<BR> For example when a user clicks a bike on a yellow pages site. Then subcatetoris are displayed. When we click a link in a directory it displays sub categories and when we click a sub-category it displays more subcategories and so on utill there is no sub-category.<BR> For example if I have a main category like Bikes and under that category we can have bi-cycles and motor cycles and under bi-cycles we can have mountain bikes and normal bikes etc.<BR><BR> So I have to create a two tables:<BR> 1. A table containing company information named CompanyInfo.<BR> 2. A table containing product information and subcategories.<BR><BR> CompanyInfo Table might look like:<BR> <BR> CompanyInfo<BR> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> CompanyID &#124CompanyName &#124 CompanyDec&#124 Address &#124 City &#124 State &#124 Country &#124 ZipCode<BR> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> 001 &#124 ABC Ltd. &#124 Manf. of abc&#124 511 &#124 Jalandhar &#124 Punjab &#124 India &#124 144008<BR><BR> And it is the second table which is causing confusion. I am not able to think what should be the fields of second table. According to me second table might contain these fields.<BR><BR><BR> Categories<BR> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> CompanID &#124 Products &#124 MainCategory &#124 SubCategory &#124 and how many sub categories<BR> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR> 001 &#124 Bikes &#124 Bikes &#124 Bi-Cycles &#124 Sports Bikes &#124 and so on<BR><BR><BR> If you are able to understand what I want to need please help me and tell me how many tables do I need to create and how to relate these to each other. Do I have to create tables for each category and sub category?<BR> <BR> My questions are:<BR> 1. How many tables do I need to create?<BR> 2. What should be the fields of each table?<BR> <BR> I have searched the net and have not been able to find any solution to this problem. Or please tell me some site where I can find information about this. I am using MS SQL 7.0 and Active Server Pages to develop this site.<BR><BR> Best Regards,<BR>

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    It&#039;s very hard to say how many tables you need. It&#039;s all depend on your business need. also it depends on how many levels you want to go. Without analyzing you business need I don&#039;t want to<BR>give a count. Most of the time tables are related each other.<BR>and the fileds are depend on each table.<BR><BR>I have done lots of data modelling, also using ASP to create a <BR>database driven pages. (I am a consultant)<BR><BR>Currently I am using SQL server 2000 with ASP 3.0 <BR><BR>If you are interested I may able to do one or 2 day freenlance<BR>or inhouse consulting to you. If you like to get in touch with<BR>here is my email :<BR><BR>

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