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    Greetings, <BR><BR>I had been using Access 98 and ASP together with much success for several years.<BR><BR>Now I put Access 2000 on my standard server 2000 machine and I get errors. Just for testing and initial development<BR><BR>If i use a DSNLESS connection to the access database or DSN less connection to the access database basically it appears as though it takes a very long time for the access database to become available for a second call. <BR><BR>For example if 1 page is a call to the access database and the second is a call to the access database and those 2 pages are clicked in succession. the second one always fails. <BR><BR>So when i call the access database 2 times in 1 page it definitly fails.<BR><BR>I am Opening and Closing the connection before I query the database using a function that opens and closes the database connection. then I call another function that uses get rows to put the data in the array. Then the function closes the recordset. <BR><BR>I have experienced this problem both at home and on job. <BR>Has anyone had this problem .<BR><BR>-----<BR>as a work around, i had to make a function that alternates between dsn and dsnless connection. so that it gives one connection method some time to possibly close . <BR>but sometimes that fails as well .<BR><BR>Does anyone know a quick fix ? a patch ? <BR>The specific error has to do with either <BR>1. some threaded problem and registry problem <BR>2. can&#039;t open <BR>3. or file in use .<BR><BR>

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    Why would an Ace programmer have questions? ;)<BR><BR>Why are you killing and opening two separate connections each time? All you need is one connection, per page (provided you&#039;re querying the same db). Just change your queries, not your connections.<BR><BR>One connection<BR>Several Queries

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