Maximum number of memo fields in an ASP?

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Thread: Maximum number of memo fields in an ASP?

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    Default Maximum number of memo fields in an ASP?

    In relation to my earlier posts about not being able to create multiple records with multiple memo fields (Access 97 db)<BR><BR>As a test, I reorganized my table so that it creates only one record, but has the 10 memo fields. To my surprise, it failed too if I populate the 8th memo field or so. If I don&#039;t, it works fine.<BR><BR>This leads me to think that there must be a maximum limit of some kind on the number of memo fields an ASP can handle, regardless of whether there are multiple records or not. It is probably dependent on the available RAM, perhaps?? This makes a certain amount of sense to me, given that memo fields are essentially unlimited length fields, after all.<BR><BR>If this is true, how can you create records that MUST have multiple memo fields??<BR><BR>(The error I was getting was "80040e21 Errors Occurred" on the 8th rs.field("dbmemofield") = varmemofield statement.)<BR><BR>Any thoughts on this anyone?<BR><BR>elaine<BR>epack@blue.unix.virginia. edu

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    I&#039;m curious. Have you tested to see if the error is actually the 8th memo field or total # of charachters for the form? Try testing for that. If that&#039;s the case then have the default for the buffer changed from the default of 1024 to 2048 or whatever you&#039;ll need. That may solve the problem.

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    I&#039;m not sure how to test for the total # of chars for the form--still new to this stuff, sorry. Ditto on bumping the buffer up :( I know what these mean, just don&#039;t know the syntax. I&#039;m learning tho :) Since I&#039;m so close, bumping the buffer might be enough to do the trick.<BR><BR>The entire form is quite large, but I&#039;m only testing a very small portion of it, maybe 1/3 of it has data. However, I did try putting single words of data into the memo fields one by one, and it dumps out on the 8th, no matter which one of the 10 that 8th is.<BR><BR>But you are right, it could be that simple. The 8th memo field (all of them, actually) contains just a single word, but maybe there&#039;s a minimum default amount of space that is allocated for memo fields? I ran across something at the MS site that talked about a maximum record size where it starts at 2048, then you take off chars for some kind of header, I think it said, then take off 4 x number of memo fields (and also for OLEs if any) to arrive at a true max. I did this, and came up with something like 1800 chars max. My record is still under 200. I think :) Depends on those memo fields I guess.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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