How use COM DLL in a EXE?

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Thread: How use COM DLL in a EXE?

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    Milton Alexandre [BR] Guest

    Default How use COM DLL in a EXE?

    Hi<BR><BR>I am sorry for posting a question about Delphi but I have not gotten help in another sites.<BR><BR>I built a Delphi5 COM DLL for use in my ASP code. And I would like to test it in Delphi5 EXE program previously.<BR><BR>How to reffer to that registered DLL inside my Delphi code?<BR><BR>Sorry, once again.<BR><BR>If someone can help I will be thankful<BR><BR>[]s<BR><BR>Milton Alexandre<BR>São Paulo - BR<BR>

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    Karin van Ettinger Guest

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    In the old Delphi versions you did need to do the following:<BR><BR> - move (NOT copy) the component to Delphilib<BR> - in Delphi choose Options/Install Components<BR> - after installation and compilation of the library you can reference it in the USES<BR><BR>I hope this will help you..

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    Milton Alexandre [BR] Guest

    Default CreateOleObject function

    Olá, Karin.<BR><BR>I tried "Options/Install Components" in Delphi&#039;s menu. Every thing seems to be successful. But the library is not there. Thanks anyway...<BR><BR>I finally found the "CreateOleObject" function as following:<BR><BR>***var<BR>*****myObj : OleVariant;<BR>***begin<BR>*****myObj := CreateOleObject(&#039;myLib.myClass&#039;);<BR>* ****...<BR>***end;<BR><BR>Someone told me that on (a Delphi&#039;s forum). You are welcome! Come and visit us. Do you read Portuguese?<BR><BR>Thank you again<BR><BR>

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