Hi, I am writing ASP component with Microsoft J++. And I am getting a cast error when I try to map the Variant object (QACOM) which I want to have an access in ASP. I don&#039t have any problem when I get the Object without using a session vaiable. How can I resolve the problem. I appreciate your help. Following is a Java code snippet for your reference.<BR><BR>IGetContextProperties objProps = null;<BR>ISessionObject iObjSession = null;<BR>IVariantDictionary ivDictionaryObjs = null;<BR>Variant v = new Variant();<BR>Variant v4 = new Variant();<BR>Variant v9 = new Variant();<BR>QACOM iQACOM = new QACOM(); <BR><BR>objProps = (IGetContextProperties)MTx.GetObjectContext();<BR> <BR>v = objProps.GetProperty("Session");<BR>iObjSession = (ISessionObject) v.getDispatch();<BR>ivDictionaryObjs = iObjSession.getContents();<BR>v4.putString("ASP_QA COM");<BR>v9 = ivDictionaryObjs.getItem(v4);<BR><BR>iQACOM = (QACOM) v9;<BR>*** I am getting casting error compile time or runtime here ***