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    Shelz Guest

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    I have this code I&#039;m using to connect to a remote database... It gives me an error like this....<BR><BR> Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR>[DBNMPNTW]Specified SQL server not found. <BR><BR>The code is below:<BR><BR> strConnect="Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=usa24servnetdev;" & _<BR> "Database=CSR;User ID=sa;password="<BR><BR>

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    James H. Guest

    Default Double check your spelling, or...

    Either you misspelled it or you can try this one which works for me:<BR><BR>myDSN="DRIVER={SQL Server};" & _ <BR> "SERVER=YOURSERVERNAME;DATABASE=YOURDBNAME;" & _ <BR> "UID=sa;PWD=;" <BR><BR>Replace YOURSERVERNAME and YOURDBNAME with the appropriate names, all else leave as is.

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