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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I am running a site that uses an Access 97 database. This database corrupts corrupts frequently, and is sometimes un repairable in Access 97. The database is appproximately 55 mgs, and has 10 tables, with the largest being 32,000 rows * 60 columns. At a given time, there can be as many as 2 people doing data analysis via the networked database as well as up to 6 users on the web site who could be submitting queries. The database is compacted and repaired frequently.<BR><BR>My suspicions are the following: <BR>1) Too many users at the same time. <BR>2) The server is not powerful enough to handle everything (P200, 64mg, NT) <BR>3) The database is too big physically for MS Access<BR><BR>My question is: Does anyone know why Access 97 would corrupt frequently, and potential solutions? Also, is this something that would be fixed in Access 2000? <BR><BR>I know another database platform would probably be ideal, but at this point that is not a possibility.<BR><BR>Thanks for bearing through the long message,<BR>Ed

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    Mate, you NEED to upsize to SQL Server - Access is a desktop database, not a database server ! However, if you cant, then:<BR><BR>1. Shove more RAM in the machine that Access is running on.<BR>2. Index the tables properly.<BR><BR>Again, this will NEVER solve the fact that you have outgrown access capabilities...Upsize NOW ! or search MSDN.MICROSOFT.COM

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    Ed,<BR>i don&#039;t think your second and third assumptions are right. Because i am having a database with 4 tables which is 268 KB in size and less than 200 records.<BR>Our Web Server is in Windows 2000 and NT Workstations.<BR>Hope this will direct your enquiry in a different way.<BR>if you find the answer, please let me know.<BR>Ok

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve started upgrading all my Access 97 databases to SQL, but I don&#039;t think its always completely necessary. I&#039;ve worked with Access for years, corruption does take place, but is usually due to someone closing it down abruptly. <BR><BR>55MB is nbowhere near the capacity of Access, it will hold 1 GB (not that I recommend filling it to that size :) ) , and will be perfectly happy , from my experience, with up to 10-15 concurrent connections. Maybe the web connections to the database aren&#039;t being closed properly, which could cause corruption. <BR><BR>Either way, your machine seems a bit underpowered. More RAM, as previously suggested, or a higher spec machine would cause adrastic improvement.<BR><BR>ken

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