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    How do you create a hierachy? I have several main topics and once I click on one of the main topics, it has sub-topics,(for example when you have a index in the back of a book, it has a main topic and then sub-topics) And once you click on the sub-topics, it opens the file in Word or Adobe (PDF). Can this be done with just HTML or do I need to use ASP or JavaScript. <BR>Thanks for your help!

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    You MENU can be done in Javascript/DHTML and, as long as you have Adobe acrobat on your machine, this will be opened in the browser ! NO ASP REQUIRED!

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    Can you please provide more detail as to how I would go about doing this. Thanks!

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    Gosh ! Demanding blighter arent we ????! :)<BR><BR><BR><BR>Follow the instructions. In the anchor links, point to yourdoc.pdf !

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