Can't get MAPI logon to work

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Thread: Can't get MAPI logon to work

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    Default Can't get MAPI logon to work

    I have been trying to logon to a MAPI session so that Ican send an e-mail using CDO, but whenever I try to use the session object, I get an error that I cannot access the information store. Any hints or advice?

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    CDO uses SMTP Servies to Send Email only in the Server.<BR>IIS should be in the same place as the Server.<BR>U can use CDONT object in the Server.<BR>it does not work in Workstations.<BR><BR>When u r using ASP Page u can create an Instance of "CDONT.NewMail" this comes with SMTP Services on the Server.<BR><BR><BR>I did not understand u u r using MAPI to logon to the Server

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