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Thread: Sending a hyperlink to Outlook using ASP

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    I have an asp page that sends and email that will be opened up in Microsoft Outlook 98 and 2000. I am using the CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail") method to create the email. As part of the email it generates a hyperlink to a website. The hyperlink includes information for several variables. It looks something like this:<BR>http://myserver/folder1/ASPPage.asp?Variable1=Test?<BR>Variable2=Test&Vari able3=Test?Variable4=Test<BR><BR>Here is the problem:<BR><BR>The hyperlink is so long that it appears as two lines when they get the email. It looks just like I have typed it above. Outlook sees the first line only as the hyperlink. When they click on it the data on the second line is not passed back to the website. I need Outlook to recognize that the hyperlink may be multiple lines.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Dennis

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    Yes, this is a common problem.<BR><BR>The only way I know of to &#039;fix&#039; this behavior is to send the email as in HTML format rather than plain text. However, once you do that, you may run into problems where the email client does not support HTML. It&#039;s a difficult design decision unless you can be pretty sure that most of the people receiving your email have clients that can do HTML.<BR>

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    I have a issue where when I include a hyperlink in an email sent to outlook clients the &#039;.&#039; in the URL is being stripped out. ie. I send "http://whatever/file.asp" as part of the body string and it appears as "http://whatever/fileasp". I found that if I include two dots it appreas correct. ie. I send "http://whatever/file..asp" and "http://whatever/file.asp" is received. But it appears SOME clients receive the two ".." and the link then of course doesn&#039;t work. Have you guys seen this before ?

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