Getting an .mdb (access) File

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Thread: Getting an .mdb (access) File

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    Can I get an MDB file from a Recordset? How?

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    There are a few ways to do this. Which one you use depends on whether you have Office installed on the Web server or not.<BR><BR>If you do, then you can use VBScript to create a new MDB file and write table structures to it, then write your data. There is probably an article on for that.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t have Office on the server, create a template (empty) MDB file using Access on a client. Then upload that to a read/write directory on the server. Finally use ADO code to write data to the empty shell.<BR><BR>I did the latter on my site, but before I wrote the data to the file, I made a copy of the MDB template using File System Objects and wrote to the copy. This prevented me from screwing up my template.

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