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    Masac Guest

    Default Radion Button

    How can I sum up all the checked value of the radio buttons?<BR>Thanx

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    Dan Evans Guest

    Default I'm confused :o(

    Sorry if I&#039;ve got the wrong idea here, but isn&#039;t the point of radio buttons that you can only select one from a list of them? Meaning you don&#039;t need a sum since only 1 will ever be selected?<BR>I could be wrong of course - my brain shuts down early on Fridays<BR><BR>-Dan Evans

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    Arky Guest

    Default lol


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    midiguy Guest

    Default RE: Radion Button

    function sumup(){<BR>howmany=3;//how many radio<BR>sum_value=0;<BR>for (i=0;i&#060;=howmany;i++){<BR> if {} then<BR>[i];<BR>}<BR>} <BR> <BR>

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