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    is there a
    like function in the response object ?

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    In JScript code, you simply put the
    into the string you are writing out.<BR><BR>Thus:<BR><BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; response.write( "This is JScript code
    With a newline.");<BR><BR>In VBScript code, you need to use the predefined constant vbNewLine (or vbCRLF, though the former is the preferred "portable" form).<BR><BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; response.write( "This is VBScript code" & vbNewLine & "With a newline.");<BR><BR>But be careful: Writing a newline to the HTML output only helps make the output look prettier. Except in TEXTAREAs or in sections surrounded by &#060;PRE&#062;...&#060;/PRE&#062; or equivalent, the newline does *not* affect the visible screen.<BR><BR><BR>

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