ADODB Command Error '800a0d5d'

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Thread: ADODB Command Error '800a0d5d'

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    ADODB.Command error &#039;800a0d5d&#039; <BR><BR>The application is using a value of the wrong type for the current operation. <BR><BR>/helpdesk/func.asp, line 210 <BR><BR>Line 210 is where I am passing an inputtype parameter...the datatype is ok and so is everything else...why dop i get this werror

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    are you using the any of the following anywhere adOpenForwardOnly adOpenDynamic adOpenStatic adLockReadOnly adLockOptimistic adLockBatchOptimistic, Because if you are you need to include the constants or change them to a number.<BR><BR>It would be easier to diagnose if you post your code.

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