Here&#039;s what I need to do:<BR><BR>I have a form that has a select menu containing five options. There are five sections of form that pertain to each option (for example, if the user chooses option 1, he should have access to the form section pertaining to option 1 and not option 2-5). Originally I had this as one huge, flat form, but higher powers want the user to just see the pertinent section of form. <BR><BR>Anyone have any suggestions about how to accomplish this? Here&#039;s the ideas I&#039;ve investigated or others have suggested:<BR><BR>1. ASP (VBScript): The programmer here took a quick look at my problem and suggested this option. He wrote a brief pseudocode function (called from an onClick event from the menu) for VBScript involving a select case statement to decide which option was selected and do something based on that. Am I totally missing something here? I cannot grasp how this is supposed to work...he says it would be server-side, but I don&#039;t understand how a server-side function like this is supposed to work with an user event. I have a teeny bit ASP experience, so someone please clue me in on how this could work.<BR><BR>2. ASP (my idea): This probably isn&#039;t the most elegant solution, but it&#039;s what I came up with using ASP. I thought the main part of the form could submit to an asp page, which would request the form values and store them in hidden fields and show the appropriate section of form based on what the user had chosen on the previous page. The the whole form could be submitted to the final CGI script. <BR><BR>3. JavaScript: I looked though the JavaScript section of these forums for posts related to my question, but the majority of them concluded as I had that you can&#039;t use something like document.write for something like this. Others suggested DHTML and layers...but blah, layers. It has to be cross-browser compatible too, so messing with two sets of code doesn&#039;t sound too appealing.<BR><BR>Sorry if I&#039;m too long-winded. :) Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.<BR>