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Thread: dynamically expanding a form?

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    Default dynamically expanding a form?

    what is the best approach to dynamically expanding a form. <BR><BR>I have a few columns like company name, address, phone, email.<BR>there are going to be an undetermined amount of rows. basically the user will choose how many he/she wants.. so is there maybe a standard approach maybe using a loop to expand the amount of rows? any articles or tips??? thanks

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    Default Can't be done cross-browser...

    Only MSIE will allow you to alter the contents of a form once the page is displayed.<BR><BR>So you&#039;ve got a couple of options: (1) Put the form in a different frame than the one where the user chooses the number of rows and then re-create the entire frame using client-side JavaScript. (2) Send the request for "n" rows to an ASP page and have the ASP code return an entire new HTML page with the requisite number of rows.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: dynamically expanding a form?

    ?? <BR><BR>How do they decide? Beforehand, like via a question and answer deal or when typing? You would need to have some field saying how may lines you need, and submit the form to itself then have it rebuild the page. The tricky part is reading the data with an unknown quantity of form fields. <BR><BR>By using the field to determine the amount of fields needed, you will know how many need to be read when you process the data

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    Default Option 2

    I like option 2, cause I hate Frames. I would keep the page as similar as possible then just change the results through the ASP

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