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    Could anyone please help me with the correct asp syntax to group records by StartDate (dd/mm/yyyy), using the month as the group filter.<BR><BR>I want to pull all records from the database - <BR>Group By the month of the StartDate -<BR>Order each group by Phone Number.<BR><BR>Thank you ahead of time,<BR>Tiff

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    Default Month only?

    ?Not the year, as well?<BR><BR>Anyway, I think in both Access and SQL Server (and you don&#039;t mention what DB you are using, and this is a DB-specific issue), you can do:<BR><BR>SELECT ... FROM table WHERE ...<BR>GROUP BY Month(someDateTimeField)<BR>ORDER BY Month(someDateTimeField)<BR><BR><BR>The MONTH( ) function will extract just the month from the field.<BR><BR>

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