Hi there<BR><BR>I have a strange problem with my session variables. Maybe the weirdest problem yet.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve got a web page located at the address http://www.amita-uk.com/pra/index.asp<BR>If I access that web page at that address and go into the members area which uses a session variable to store the firstname of a member, everything is okay.<BR><BR>Now I got a domain name called www.pra-uk.com which is forwarded to the same address http://www.amita-uk.com/pra/index.htm. under index.htm is a standard frame that redirects to index.asp. This is so it keeps the domain name in the address bar. Hope you are following me.<BR><BR>If I using that domain name, and then log onto the site, it doesn&#039;t seems to want to store the firstname under a session variable.<BR><BR>As anyone got any ideas why? <BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>RED