Hello all, i know you know the answer!<BR><BR>I have to be able to send emails from my web pages to various email addresses.I have written the necessary CDO-NTS script in my pages, and have installed SMTP server on the server that is available to me. My problem is this.<BR><BR>When i send mail from the form it is not reaching its destination. My server does not have a dns server running (to look up MX records?) so i have to use a smart host?<BR><BR>I am not sure of the settings to go in the smart host input boxes, but i do know the following..<BR><BR>If My server IP address is [] and it is hosted by Onyx.<BR><BR>Would my FQDN be mail.onyx.co.uk and my smart host be smtp.onyx.co.uk?<BR><BR>Or perhaps it would have to go through my companies mail box at onyx?<BR><BR>Could someone give me a written example of their set-up with actual names that i could compare against?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Duncan