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    Shan Guest

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    I have two websites (different domains). From one site we&#039;ll access another<BR>website. It comes up on the same browser window. The look and feel will be such<BR>that the user doesn&#039;t feel that he has gone to another website. Now we have to<BR>maintain the session for the first site from where we went to the second site.<BR>we need to maintain the session in order to successfully integrate these two<BR>sites.<BR><BR>any ideas<BR>

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    Ox Guest

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    If you can use cookies, use a session cookie. That way the cookie is destroyed when the user closes the browser.<BR><BR>If not, you&#039;ll have to database your sessions.

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    dont use the asp session object. The best way to do this<BR>create a session table in the database and stored the session id<BR>and reuse them when ever you want.<BR><BR>Delete the rows once the user session ends.

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