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    Steve Rowson Guest

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    I have been asked by a client to put a page on their site on which they can enter a parameter and return a recordset of their customers - no problem here. On the page that displays their customer list they want a text box where they can enter a message. They then want to press a button and send this message as the body of an email to all the email addresses in the client listing, with the "to" and "subject" fields filled in. How do I go about this please.

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    Prashanth Guest

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    first of all whichever component you are using for sending the emails you will have a method called recipient, which is used for adding the recipients address(to address). You write a loop to add all the mail address into a string separated with a semi colon...once out the loop add this string to the reciepent method and use the send method to send the mails...thats it..<BR><BR>if you have any doubts contact at<BR><BR>wish you good luck<BR><BR>Prashanth

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