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    I don&#039;t know where or how to Go about this or anything please help<BR><BR>Please help <BR>In Access 2000 <BR>I have generated a report that showns Student Name, Student Address, Test Score 1, and Test Score 2. <BR><BR>I am able to change the background on just the test score 1 and test score 2 field. But What i REALLY need to do is be able to have all of the information (ie. Name address test score 1 and test score 2) have a gray background if the student got an 80 or above on EITHER test. Or if the student recieved a P which stands for pending. I have tryed everything if someone can help me i would appreciate it. I have tried If Then Statement but they aren&#039;t working, or i am doing them wrong if someone can help please tell me exactly how to do it. THANK YOU&#062;

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    Default Changing names?

    Why would you post the same question under a different name Rick or scott or whatever??? &#060;sigh&#062;<BR><BR>Post your code and I&#039;ll try to help you again. Do you want the background to change on the whole page depending on the value of the % field? If so then do what I suggested. Create a table with no border the size of the page. Put your fields in that table and do your if then based on the % field. This is going to require that your first statement be If field% &#062; 80 then response write the table with the correct table color and then the fields. Else same statement except the table color. Make sense?

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